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Internship Opportunities

We are looking for interns to join our team and help us build the next generation of digital tools for the development sector.



Html Javadript bootstrap Web Frameworks based on MVC Mobile Apps



Recommendation Letter From your University stating that you need WIL(Work Intergrated Learning)


Key Features

HOW TO... !

Step 1 - How to add a program

Adding a new program to the platform

click "Add Program" Button then define your program and save.

Step 2 - How To Create A Department

Creating a new department to the platform

Click "Add Department", define your department name and you can add as many departments as you need, then Save"

Step 3 - How To Create A MainSkill

Creating a new mainskill to the platform

Click "Add Mainskill" Button, a popup will appear then define Mainskill names and save .

Step 4 - How To Create A SubSkill

Creating a new Subskill to the platform

Click "Add Subskill" Button, a popup will appear then define Subskill names and save .

Step 5 - How To Add Departments and Skills To A Program

Adding departments & skills to the program

Click the "View" Button then Select Departments ,mainskills, subskills and save.

Step 6 - How To Add Interns

Adding Interns to the platform

Click the "Add Interns" Button then fill in the required form and save Profile.

Step 7 - How To Mark Interns

Rating Interns From 1 To 5

Filter by program, department, mainskill, date and rate the intern(s) .